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Every brand and product in our portfolio is required to have evidence of sustainable practices during manufacturing and shipping. This is a prerequisite to doing business with SURFACE ELEVEN. We work with partners who use ecological and ethically sourced raw material, fit for reuse and recycling of by-products and waste so that natural resources are saved. We only look to work with factories dedicated to manufacturing products with low Volatile Organic Compound (VOC) emissions and using renewable energy as much as possible. 

As part of our value system, here are certifications and memberships that our partners have: 


Corporate Social Responsibility

At SURFACE ELEVEN, we are aware that our daily business decisions impact the lives of our stakeholders namely employees, customers, suppliers, and the UAE community. Therefore, we engage in the following practices to align with our values, representing our stakeholders.

  • Minimizing the impact of our business on the environment by sourcing sustainable products and partners
  • Engaging with schools and students in the UAE by educating them through workshops at our show-space and facilitating open discussions about sustainable design
  • Enforcing an ethical purchasing policy with preferences afforded to suppliers who share our commitment to social responsibility, equitable labour, environmental standards and fair trade
  • Treating employees and customers openly and transparently with respect, professionalism and honesty in all interactions
  • Communicating our practices and policies clearly to stakeholders

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